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Prolozone is a homeopathic injection technique using activated oxygen otherwise known as ozone to heal chronic pain. 

Prolotherapy with ozone treats and relieves many musculoskeletal and joint conditions including degenerative or arthritic disease of the spine, neck, back, hips, knees, shoulders, elbows, jaw or rotator cuff injuries.  By correcting the pathology that begins the disorder, 75% of patients become permanently pain free.

Restoration of the damaged connective tissues perpetually reverse aches and discomfort.  The injection of sterile vitamins, saline, homeopathic aids such as Traumeel or Zeel, and ozone gas into a compromised area or joint capsule helps to reconstruct impaired areas.  Ozone, as a highly reactive molecule, stimulates the body’s own fibroblastic repair abilities allowing the tissues to rebuild.  The term “prolo” is short for proliferation, meaning a new growth or formation is taking place.  Damaged ligaments, tendons, cartilage and small muscle tears will regenerate in areas where it has become weak or unstable. 

After an injury, improper treatment leads to chronic inflammation that limits blood supply.  Poor circulation results in gradual degradation and recurring mechanical stress causing the tissues to become dehydrated.  Resulting laxity and abnormal shearing forces then occur in the joint.  With time, the progression of disease causes a separation of ligaments from the periosteum, or superficial sheath of the bone.  The body’s natural healing response kicks in with an overproduction of fluids osteophytes to fill the new space, creating a cyst or new bony matrix.  This is the beginning of degenerative arthritis in and around the joint.  A reduced range of motion strains the associated muscles.  Surrounding muscles and fascia become overworked, leading to more dysfunction and pain.

Prolozone floods the damaged area with vital nutrients and oxygen, allowing for improved circulation.  The hydration of damaged tissues initiates repair and tightening of lax structures.  Partially torn connective tissues heal, increasing the range of motion and decreasing associated pain.

Initial treatments are every few weeks until a sustained benefit is felt.  To remain in control and pain-free, it may be necessary to schedule maintenance injections every 3 to 4 months, especially if repetitive activities aggravate the condition.

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