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Do you want to reduce negativity and experience more positivity?  Start a daily gratitude practice.  Being thankful helps you feel more alive, improves immunity and benefits sleep.  Expressing more compassion strengthens relationships and generates feelings of success.  

When you've hit a rough patch, are feeling sluggish or overall unmotivated, try regular journaling each day to increase feelings of satisfaction.  Get specific.  Focus on kindness and people rather than material items or circumstances.  

Make it a habit, starting or ending each day to enhance the benefits of self-reflection.  Take time to notice the little things.  Count your blessings.  Have some extra time?  Write a letter to someone who had an impact on you, someone that you've never properly thanked.  Your letter doesn't necessarily have to be mailed; for some, it can be deeply healing to write a gratitude letter to a friend or relative that has passed on. 

If you aren't committed to writing in a journal just yet, keep it simple.  Jot down one thing to be thankful for on a sticky note each week.  Place it on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator door or on your computer screen at work.  Recite your note each time you happen upon it.  Put your mind and heart into a short narration.  Give it a soulful delivery, reflecting genuinely in the moment.  Give pause.  

With your daily practice, you may just find that you attract more benevolence and sweetness in interactions with others.  An unburdened spirit naturally projects confidence and ease.  You may even find that your newfound appreciation gives birth to greater miracles in life.  Praise and see. 

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