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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Cilantro is wildly popular culinary herb grown and globally used for its gastronomical prowess and medicinal dexterity

Source: Thought to have originated in North Africa and the Middle East, this herb has been used for many centuries in India, Mexico, Africa, Spain, Russia, China, along with Thailand and the Middle East



Heavy Metal Chelator: Chelation is binding heavy metals and pulling them out of the body. Cilantro is one of the oldest agents for chelating those afflicted with heavy metals and can be effective against arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, lead and mercury. Cilantro binds these metals, divorcing them from the tissues and facilitating their excretion from the body

Regulates Blood Sugar: Has been shown to decrease elevated blood sugar levels and control glucose spikes

Digestion: Helps improve liver function and assists in the production of digestive enzymes. Cilantro has been a common aid for digestive issues around the world for millennia due to its natural antibacterial properties. Cilantro can protect against food poisoning

Skin Issues and Allergies: Can be used internally or externally to relieve skin issues like urticaria, hives, sunburns or poison ivy. Being a natural anti-histamine, it can mitigate allergic reactions and inflammation responses of the body

Antioxidant Properties: Cilantro can universally protect against degenerative disease by mitigating oxidative stress – alleviating symptoms and problems brought on by arthritis, Alzheimer’s macular degeneration, and some cancers

Heart Health: It can lower cholesterol and triglycerides, lowering risk factors for heart health and improving an overall bill of health. The nutriments in cilantro lend themselves to decreasing oxidative stress in the heart and preventing heart damage


Sustainability: Due to its widespread growth around the planet and it’s short cultivation time of about 2-3 weeks, cilantro is here to stay. This herb grows wild abundantly and can also be grown at home or domestically with ease

Processing: The cultivation, harvesting and processing of cilantro is rather simple. The whole plant is used


Resources: - Anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects - Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides

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