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Energy Balancing is a term inclusive of specialized modalities that treat vital 'energy' systems, prana or 'qi', (pronounced CH-ee).

Although science can measure energy, using it for healing has long been considered a mysterious force.  The Heart-Math Institute, founded in 1991, has dedicated research showing the significance of electrophysiology and proves the mind-body connection.  If you are curious and seek scientifically validated information that supports the benefits of energy medicine, please seek more research based studies here.  For a brief introduction to energetic therapies, please continue reading. 


Acupuncture, Acupressure and Reflexology use the ancient Chinese meridian system to encourage the flow of yin, yang, blood and qi.  Treatments manipulate specific points within a meridian or channel, using direct hands-on pressure or a solid single-use sterile needle.  Reflexology is typically performed on the hands, feet or scalp, whereas acupressure and acupuncture is rendered over the whole body.  The result of treatment helps bypass blockages in the channels, organs, emotions, intellect and spirit to restore vital communication for enhanced well-being.  


Tai Chi and Qi Gong are ancient martial art forms that utilize and manipulate the movement of qi through the channels and organs.  Like Yoga, movements are made with intention.  Breathing is organized to induce a meditative state.  All practiced forms improve circulation, balance and mind-body coordination.  Postures flow together as a low intensity exercise that can benefit everyone, even if range of movement is limited.  Healing energy is cultivated over time, restoring balance and strength.  Advanced practice in yoga, tai chi or qi gong is known to elevate Shen (spiritual energy) and can help one to attain siddhis (spiritual powers) or enlightenment. 


Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-Emotional Release and Chakra Therapy involve hands-on techniques or sacred objects to improve natural energetic flow or rhythm.  Craniosacral therapy, also known as CST, manipulates cerebrospinal fluid and membranes associated to the central nervous system with soft touch to alleviate emotional or physical dysfunction, imbalance or pain.  Somato-emotional release is a complementary therapy to CST, using palpation and expression to give a voice to suppressed emotions that inhibit structural release or healing.  Chakra therapy shares therapeutic values with both CST and SER, furthering treatment with focused centers of energy.  The seven primary sources of energy, known as chakras, transmit and receive universal intelligence or prana.  These centers can be influenced with sacred tools including crystals, stones, feathers, essential oils, postures, breathwork and sacred geometry.


Acutonics, Reiki and Sound Healing are harmonic attunements that balance energetic frequencies.  Reiki is a gentle Buddhist technique that employs universal life force energy as channeled through the practitioner.  Acutonics relies on tools such as singing bowls, gongs or tuning forks to introduce vibration either physically to one's body or atmospherically.  Sound Healing uses a variety of instruments or vocal intonations to induce meditative states, engaging theta and delta states to stimulate the neural system.  All techniques are generally relaxing, help to shift frequency and are excellent for emotional clearing.

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