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Hormone and Neurochemical Testing establishes the integrated nature of your body processes - including the relationship of your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems. Over 100 lab tests offer snapshots of biomarkers to assess complex and chronic conditions. Complete evaluation of body systems as a whole invite quick improvements in medical care with long lasting benefits.


Identifying Imbalance:  Hormone function is commonly affected by daily stress, environmental factors, and dietary changes.  Imbalances are hard to diagnose as the endocrine system is very adaptive.  Your body shifts to compensate for new change and you may begin to experience symptoms you've never had before.  This can be very troublesome, causing chronic illness.


Warning Signs:  The warning signs of hormone imbalance are often varied, making it difficult to diagnose and characterize.  Both physical and psychological symptoms can be present, including: ADHD, mood changes, irritability, addictions, compulsions, sleep disorders, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, weight changes, GI complaints, acne, dry skin, changes in menses cycles or sex drive, and more.


Test, Don't Guess!  Assessing the primary cause of hormonal disharmony alleviates stress. Testing makes it easy to identify the cause of your imbalance. You can be tested for endocrine, neurotransmitter, and immunological imbalance all from the privacy of your home.  Both saliva and urine samples are collected and shipped at your convenience.  Blood tests may also be arranged.


Address Your Symptoms:  After discussing a test panel that applies to your specific symptoms, your test kit will be ordered after paying your email invoice.  Insurance may cover your testing, be sure to inquire with the testing company about your coverage.  After you receive your test kit, proceed with sample collection as directed.  

Once the lab receives your samples, it takes approximately 7-10 business days to receive your results.  Upon mailing your test kit, book your appointment for a consultation to meet with Dr. Wilde to discuss your individualized healthcare plan.  All consultations occur with Zoom Cloud Meeting, a free high-definition video conference software that can be downloaded here.  You will only need a high speed internet connection and webcam to participate. 

Your test results include a thorough assessment of your imbalance and a customized plan for treatment.  Treatment typically includes product recommendations for compounded supplementation comprised of vitamins and amino acid complexes, unless further medical attention is required.  Re-evaluation is recommended after an initial 4 - 6 weeks of supplementation.  Follow-up testing is indicated every 3 - 4 months.

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