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Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Reishi Mushroom is one of the most popular of the medicinal mushrooms. Reishi is considered an adaptogen and has a broad spectrum of applications from immune boosting to fighting cancer. Known by the prestigious Latin name of Ganoderma lucidum; also deemed the “Mushroom of Immortality”, this ubiquitous mushroom doesn’t lend itself to culinary arts, but it does make for good teas and tinctures. In Chinese Medicine, it is considered a precious herb to strengthen the Heart, tonify 'qi' or vital energy, and benefits the lungs, liver and kidneys

Source: Reishi grows wild around the world in warm temperate regions abundantly throughout the months of May through November



Stabilizes Blood Sugar: Reishi has been shown to help regulate insulin and lower blood sugar in both diabetics and healthy individuals

Heart Benefits: Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and decreases inflammation. Combined with its ability to increase blood circulation, Reishi can have profound effects in protecting heart health

Aids Liver: Can protect the liver and assists in liver cell regeneration. This is absolutely vital as our liver has over 500 roles in our body including detoxing, cleaning the blood, producing bile, balancing hormones and storing nutrients

Anti-Histamine: Some studies have shown Reishi to lower the histamine response and aid in those plagued by chronic allergies

Immune Booster: Properties in Reishi could stimulate and uphold the immune system in both immune-compromised and healthy individuals

Stress Reduction: Studies show Reishi can help decrease fatigue and increase endurance. Since Reishi is an adaptogen, it helps decrease recovery time and helps an individual deal with all kinds of stress with far more resilience and go-power


Risks: Reishi has been used for centuries and is widely considered very safe, but should also be taken responsibly. As with most herbs and mushrooms, pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should consult with their doctor before adding Reishi to their regimen. Additionally, for those on blood thinners, blood pressure medication or chemotherapy drugs, they should consult a doctor before taking Reishi as it can increase blood pressure and affect blood clotting, or increase bleeding

Contact a doctor if you experience dry mouth, itchy throat or nasal passages, bloody nose, indigestion, bloody stool or skin rashes


Sustainability: It grows abundantly in the wild on dead or dying hardwood trees and stumps. Can also be grown domestically on grains and other substrates, in fact, it is quite easy to cultivate domestically when provided the proper environments. It takes around 30 days or more to be ready for harvesting. Due to a quick harvest time and abundant resources, there is no issue with its sustainability

Processing: The dried or dehydrated mushroom is made into powders, tinctures and consumed through teas – a very versatile superfood


Resources: - Hepatoprotective properties - Study on neuroprotective properties and seizure prevention - Effects on fatigue and exhaustion

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