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In a beautiful grand finale, Nature dances in stunning golds and burnt orange leaves before releasing all her abundance to bare only naked limbs.  Autumn is a denouncement from the peak of summer's energy, sinking inward to reflect on what we have harvested over the year past.  All those leaves, a collected fanfare of previous efforts, fall away to decay into enrichment for the spring growth.  A season of letting go, Autumn is time to cleanse unnecessary habits and seek new inspiration or tranquility. 

The Equinox officially ushers in cool clean air and shorter days.  In the traditions of Five Element and Chinese Medicine, it is associated to the Metal element, governing the Lungs and Large Intestine organs.  Both function to carry away wastes and gather pure resources.  If the Metal element is sluggish, it may result in physical ailments such as bronchitis, shortness of breath, allergies or irritable bowel symptoms.  Emotional imbalances may include depression, self-isolation, negativity or stubbornness.  Balance can be restored by seeking quality foods, making time for rest or meditation, and recognizing the value in releasing that which no longer serves us.


Live harmoniously in the season!  Autumn is a time to identify old habits and gently cleanse your surrounding environment. 

Clear out the clutter.  Go through drawers, closets, the garage, work desk or medicine cabinet and purge items that you have not used in the last year or six months.  Donate, sell or give away objects that may be of value to others.

Create a mental inventory.  How do you spend your time each day?  Examine your daily routines.  Make a list of creative ideas that you'd like to execute over the next few months.  

Examine your limiting beliefs.  Willingly look at prejudices, resentments, envies and old hurts that you harbor emotionally.  Make an effort to resolve stagnant issues that stop progress.  You may wish to write letters and burn them to ceremoniously let go.

Take a few moments to take a conscious breath.  Just one well-intended breath can be considered meditation.  Push forcibly all the air out of your lungs, intentionally releasing stresses and physical tension.  On the following inhale, focus on receiving only clean air and tranquility, allowing yourself to be energized by the purity of presence.

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